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Competitive Intelligence

RNCOS offers a set of research gear that assists clients in tracking the activities of the competitors in terms of new developments, product pipeline, strategies adopted by the competitor, strengths and weaknesses, number of new entrants, USP of competitors products, and sales analysis, and consumer's perception towards product amongst others.
  • Competitor Profiles
  • Competitor profiling in terms of their product profiling and company profiling helps the healthcare companies to understand the strategy adopted by them, the revenue generated through specific product, the demand of that product, and various other aspects of its competitor. This enables the companies to take informed decisions.

  • Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Competitive landscape analysis helps the companies to identify its competitors. It involves a systematic analysis of the current environment and what other players are doing in the organic search space.

  • Pipeline Analysis
  • Pipeline analysis identifies the competitor drugs that are in the developmental phase. This helps the companies to analyze the competition for their existing drugs and features should incorporate in their drugs to achieve product differentiation.

  • Market Share Analysis
  • In this epoch of intense competition, all the companies are interested in understanding their position as well as their competitors’ position in the market. RNCOS leverages its knowledge obtained from years of experience in this field to help its client in understanding its market position both in terms of volume and value.