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Dealer/Distributor Network Setup

From drug manufacturing to delivery, everything is a collaborative outcome of years of planning, industry research, execution and the ultimate market distribution tactic. Market distribution/dealership calls for implementing real-time intelligence about the potential consumer segments and their buying behavior. Once the ‘sales hot spots’ are acknowledged, the absolute condition before launching the product includes setting up a dealer/distributor network– The set-up which acts as an ally in the holistic supply chain of drugs. Dealers and distributors are vital components of any business. RNCOS understands the nitty-gritty’s of setting up a dealer/distributor network and how crucial it is for a company to have a strong dealership network. Our engagement in the dealer network setup initiates from identification and short listing, and ends at approval and commissioning of the dealers identified. We help our clients in strengthening brand image, optimize operations and management capabilities, and create operational efficacies for dealers. Our clients are assisted in prepping up themselves for market growth with research involving planning for the future. Clients capitalize on our predictive analysis techniques for projecting sales and after-sales data, and aligning the same with our in-house devised strategies. This helps achieving a high-scoring dealer/distributor network by understanding the performance matrix of various dealers.
  • Dealer Identification
  • Dealers are among the most important part of supply chain network. Identifying the most suitable and economic dealers is crucial to the profit making ability of companies. We facilitate the dealer search process considering all the critical factors like dealer accessibility, presence and network, logistics cost, and reliability among others.

  • Due Diligence
  • Dealers/Distributors have a reason for tying up, but the company must know what it is tying up with and how the new development will impact the business. We help our clients in conducting the strategic process of due diligence, a futuristic progression that helps building clarity about how one can create value by tying up with a particular dealer.

  • Signing Up
  • After identification and completing the due diligence procedure, the ultimate thing left is signing the contract with the dealership thus zeroed upon. We manage the flow of the whole activity cycle, thereby smoothly sailing clients through the dealer/distributor network setup process.

  • Existing Dealer Performance Assessment & Improvement
  • Assessing the dealer’s performance, identifying issues and gaps and devising strategies to overcome the same is one of the fortes we enjoy. Our objective is to optimize cost and increase client’s dealers’ revenues. Through this strategic endeavor, it is our attempt to help our clients build their brand power and brand awareness.